Female pattern hair loss progresses over time. Women might initially simply notice a slightly larger portion in their hair, but as symptoms worsen, hair loss might become very obvious.  Alopecia areata can result in one or more completely bald patches.

Inflammatory diseases that affect the scalp and hormonal imbalances are two other causes that may contribute to hair loss. For female hair loss, there are several therapy options. In this piece, Lordhair presents the best solution!

Helping Hair Loss in Women 

Female hair loss can be treated in several ways including using topical drugs like Rogaine. Additionally, there are solutions including hormone therapy, light therapy, and even hair transplants, beyond that, it is an established fact that a healthy lifestyle also contributes to a healthy body. 

1. Minoxidil

Topical Minoxidil is sold over the counter under the brand name Rogaine and other generic names. Minoxidil is safe for both men and women to use, and people who have used it say they are very happy with it. 

2. Hair Transplant 

When treatments don’t work well, doctors may suggest hair transplantation. This is done by taking small pieces of the scalp and putting them on bald spots to make more hair grow there. The cost of hair transplant therapy can be higher than that of other treatments. The downside is that it is costly to get and may pose a financial burden. 

3. Medicated Shampoos 

When the scalp is clogged, it can result in hair loss. Using medicated shampoos made to remove dead skin cells from the pores can aid in promoting healthy hair. This might eliminate early hair loss symptoms.

4. Platelet-rich Plasma  

According to preliminary research, injections of platelet-rich plasma may also help stop hair loss. A doctor will draw the patient’s blood, separate the platelet-rich plasma from the blood, and inject the plasma-rich solution back into the scalp at the affected regions. This facilitates quicker tissue healing.

Instant Solution to Hair Loss


Wigs give women who have lost their hair back their confidence. Women often find it much harder to deal with hair loss than men do. Some people might even say it is traumatic, but Lordhair is here to help with wigs for women that will make you feel better about yourself right away.

Bella Women Wig 

This Lordhair women’s wig has a french lace front that gives you the best and most natural-looking hairline you’ve ever seen, and the soft mesh back makes it very comfortable to wear.


Anica Women Wig 

It is a women’s hair wig that is the ideal option for covering up hair loss and adding more volume to the hair. It can be stuck down for women with more extreme hairloss.


Bottom Line 

There are many ways to treat hair loss in women, including over-the-counter treatments. Hair transplants may work but they do not offer an instant replacement of hair. Do not worry because Lordhair provides the safest and most immediate restoration of hair which makes hair loss no longer sad news!