Are you going to a movie today or planning a movie night birthday party? Only this time, the invitation is for a home session or a movie night that you can share with your love, family, or friends. You liked the idea, right? So come and see the tips and ideas we’ve separated for you to prepare a super fun movie night.

How To Plan A Movie Night

Make The Invitations

The first step to your movie night is making and distributing the invitations. As this is an informal and very homely meeting, it is unnecessary to worry about overproduction in the invitation. But it’s important to let people know in advance, so they have time to plan. One tip is to send the invitation through messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. This way, creating a group among the guests to start talking about the movie day is possible. In the group, you can vote on movies and combine food and drinks, for example.

Select The Movies

Create a list of four or five movies so you and your guests can choose which ones to watch. It is worth opting for a themed night with films of a single genre, such as romance, horror, or adventure. But it is also possible to think of movie night as a tribute to some filmmakers that everyone likes, like Woody Allen, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, and Tim Burton, for example. But if you enjoy a trilogy or a sequence of films, it’s cool to do a Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Matrix marathon. Remember all these options and share them with your guests to elect the most votes.

Prepare The Environment

Invitations and chosen films, the time has come to think about the ambiance of the cinema at home. This includes, among other things, preparing enough seats for everyone (don’t invite more people than your living room can hold, okay?). In addition to the sofa, distribute pillows and mattresses on the floor so everyone can be comfortable. If it’s cold, provide warm blankets. Remove furniture from the room that may take up space, such as coffee tables and side tables. The larger the free area, the better.

You can also bet on a themed decoration with ribbon rolls, projectors, and 3D effect glasses. Movie posters also add an extra touch to the space, clapperboards, and typical director’s chairs. 

Check If Everything Is Working

For nothing in this world, arrange a movie night without first checking that all your devices are working properly. Can you imagine the gaffe if the DVD doesn’t turn on? No one will want to go through that. Do the tests, and if you use DVDs for viewing, ensure they are not scratched or scratched. The stereo must also be working properly to ensure that everyone can hear the movie with quality.

Serve Appetizers

Food and drinks for movie night should be simple, practical, and quick to prepare, precisely so that you have time to watch the movie and enjoy the presence of your friends. Hand food is the best choice. Snacks, peanuts, and snacks make a list, as well as pizza and cheese bread. Don’t forget the popcorn! She makes the night much more themed. Sweeties like candies and chocolates are also welcome. About drinks, try to serve what your guests most appreciate: juice, tea, soda, or even wine and beer.