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Popular social media and internet access were cut out in Cuba by the government. Psiphon Inc’s internet censorship circumvention tool with free availability helped 1.4 million Cubans to access the internet and websites.

Toronto-based Psiphon Network is financially backed by the U.S government and has earlier helped citizens of Iran and China with internet access.

With a national emergency situation, protests and shortages of basic necessities, and basic liberties with a rise in Covid 19 case it was one of the most noteworthy civil unrest in Cuba in the past decade. According to Psiphon 1.389 users accessed the open web. Circumvention tools work well and fine and the internet is going strong, said Psiphon.

Psiphon circumvention tool can be downloaded from app stores like Google Play and Apple store. According to Psiphon, this maximizes the chance to bypass censorship. Built by a Canadian university researcher in 2007 lets users break government firewalls.

The Cuban government has blocked access to social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp in light of the protests, as reported by NetBlocks.

A congressional supporter of the U.S funding the network, Senator Marsha Blackburn remarked that she stood against authoritarian regimes.

According to president Joe Biden, it is a topic of review at the White House whether to help the Cuban citizens to gain internet access. Spokeswoman Jen Psaki of the White House bypassed the question regarding Biden’s administration reaching out to the U.S tech firms.